e-GRANT – the EGI resource allocation tool

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What is e-GRANT for?

e-GRANT allows researchers to request an amount of compute and storage resources, for a given amount of time.

Who can apply for resources?

All researchers who need distributed computing and storage resources for their work.

How to submit a request for computing/storage resources?

1) Log in through EGI SSO.
2) Fill the form with all the information you are able to provide at the moment, save it and press 'Send to EGI'.

How to obtain an SSO account?

Fill the SSO form online. The SSO account is free and it takes no more than five minutes to be obtained.

Where can I ask for help?

The staff at EGI.eu will support the applicant at any point of the process, from request creation to accessing the assigned resources. Please send your questions to: resource-allocation-support@mailman.egi.eu

Do I need to write a proposal to use the resources?


Do I need to pay for the resources I use?


Login as customer (EGI SSO)

If you have not an SSO account you can create one https://www.egi.eu/sso/email

Login as provider (GOCDB)